Mi Buds M8

This application allows you to control your Xiaomi Bluetooth earbuds

Features supported (depends on your earbuds model):
• Active Noise Cancellation settings
• Earbuds control gestures
• Missing earphone alert
• Ear tips fit test to find the most comfortable fit
• Connect to multiple devices at the same time
• Upgrade earbuds firmware*
• Other nice features

Works on any Android ROM starting from API 21 (Android 5+)

* Upgrade your earbuds firmware on your own risk, because in case of any issues your device might become unusable

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Mi Buds Mate (Mi Buds M8)

Mi Buds Mate allows you to use your Xiaomi earbuds how they were intended to be used. View the battery status and more. This app comes with a battery and noise cancellation notification, a pop-up dialog, and a widget, which can all be turned on or off individually.


This application works on phones with Android 5+ rom installed (API 21+).

Supported earbuds models:
• FlipBuds Pro
• Redmi AirDots 3 Pro
• Redmi Buds 3 Pro
• Redmi AirDots 3 Pro Genshin Impact
• POCO Buds Pro (Genshin Impact global)
• Redmi Buds 3
• Xiaomi Buds 3 Pro
• Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro
• Xiaomi Buds 3
• Redmi Buds 4 Pro
• Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro
• Redmi Buds 4

If the application stuck at first screen telling you to connect supported device, but you are sure your earbuds are connected and supported, try to reboot your phone first, turn off and then on Bluetooth in your phone settings. Also, check that your earbuds are connected to your phone.

Features description

Here you can find short description of main features available to control your earbuds*

*Note: not all functions work for all earbuds models, like surround sound and head tracking sound control works only on Xiaomi Buds 3 and Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro models.

Track head movement

This is surround sound preference, which allows you to adjust surround sound effect based on your head movement. Available only on Xiaomi Buds 3 Pro and Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro (if it works on other device, please, let me know)

Surround sound

This is surround sound preference, which allows you to enhance the depth of sound reproduction for earphones and speakers. Available only on Xiaomi Buds 3 Pro and Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro (if it works on other device, please, let me know)

Gestures control

This application allows you to control gestures on some earbuds models. All gestures and their combination are stored in earbuds firmware and can’t be changed to custom commands, i.e. you can’t launch applications on long click on left/right earbud, or control noise cancellation by single/double press, etc.

In-ear detection

Pause audio when earbuds are taken out of your ears, and resume playback automatically when you put earbuds back in.

Connect to multiple devices

This feature is supported by not all the supported earbuds. It allows your earbuds to be connected to multiple (usually two) Bluetooth devices simultaneously. For example you can connect your earbuds to your mobile phone and laptop at the same time without any need to reconnect to them.

Answer calls automatically

This feature allows you to automatically answer calls when you take earbuds from the charging case and put them in your ears during incoming call. The call will be accepted automatically as soon as earbuds are taken out of the case and put into your ears.

Update automatically

This feature allows you to automatically update your headphones' firmware automatically when all required conditions are met - headset supports this feature and connected to your phone, application is running and connected to your headset, Internet connection is on and stable, etc.

Detect voice

When noise cancellation is turned on, your earphones will automatically switch to transparency for a short time when they detect voices. This feature currently will be available only for Redmi Buds 4 Pro earbuds.
Possible values:
• Off
• 5 sec
• 10 sec
• 15 sec
• Keep On

Notification shade widget

Shows earbuds status - battery level for both earbuds and charging case, noise cancellation status (when available) in notification shade. Earbuds should be connected to see their status.

Popup dialog

This is iOS-like pop-up dialog showing up when you open the charging case. This dialog contains your earbuds name, image or animation, and battery level for both earbuds and charging case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why my left (right) earbuds has weak volume comparing to the opposite one. What should I do. Fix it!
A: Application has nothing to do with sound settings. Try to clean your ear, or earbuds.

Q: How to connect Redmi Buds 3 Lite to the application?
A: No way to connect them, at all - they are not supported, and there’s 0 chance they will be. The same for old models like Mi Air 2/2s, etc. The list of supported earbuds models could be found here, and in the application on the main screen.

Q: How to disable all touch gestures on my earbuds?
A: There’s no way to completely disable all gestures.

Q: How to add custom action for touch gestures on my earbuds?
A: There’s no way to add any custom action for gestures, as they’re all stored in your earbuds, application just shows you what it gets from earbuds.

App review and screenshots




• Added option to customize charge level rings on the widget
• Fixed earbuds battery positions for RTL locales
• Bug fixes and improvements


• Added Redmi Buds 4 devices
• Added app widget with earbuds battery status
• Bug fixes and improvements


• Fixed firmware upgrade functionality 

Also to upgrade your Redmi Buds 3 Pro to the formware (which is not available for them initially) do the following:
• Turn on “Alternative server” option in app Settings
• Check for updates with “Firmware” button on the main screen

1.6.3 - 1.6.5

• Fixed connectivity issues on some devices
Xiaomi breaks all permissions requesting guides from Google, so I have to create one workaround after another. Thanks, Xiaomi!


• Fixed crash on Android 5 and 6 devices
• Memory consumption optimization
• Added experimental support of Redmi Buds 4 Pro earbuds. If you are the owner of these, please, contact me to test and add extented functions support.
• Added automatic silent firmware upgrade option for supported earbuds (Redmi Buds 4 Pro)
• Added turning auto transparency mode option for supported earbuds (Redmi Buds 4 Pro)
• Added Chezch translation (not fully completed, need help with translation)


• Added option to switch Bluetooth connection UUID (for those who has issues)
• An old gray battery icons theme is available as option in settings
• Bug fixes and improvements


• This build contains mostly UI changes
• Fixed earbuds popup dialog (broken animation, disappearing after 1-3 sec)
• Bug fixes and improvements


• Fixed some issues with earbuds connection
• Added option to turn off headset animation and use static images (more memory efficient)
• Added Ukrainian translation, updated others
• Bug fixes and optimization


• Fixed issues with head tracking on Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro
• Optimized the headphones detection mechanism (some issues could remain if you've renamed your earbuds)
• Bug fixes


• Fixed support for POCO Buds Pro (global version of Genshin Impact edition earbuds)
• Fixed device images
• Updated zh-TW and IW translations
• Bug fixes and optimizations


• Added support for POCO Buds Pro (global version of Genshin Impact edition earbuds)
• Added support for global versions of Xiaomi Buds 3
• Fixed current system language detection
• Fixed layout issues with RTL locales
• Added feedback option to settings screen
• Added Dutch (Netherlands) translation
• Bug fixes and optimizations


• Fixed firmware check for Global devices
• Added alternative firmware updates server (for Chinese devices)
• Added option to select UI theme (dark, light, follow system, or based on Battery Saver)
• Added Taiwanese translation
• Bug fixes and other improvements


• Added Redmi AirDots 3 Pro Genshin Impact support
• Added Redmi Buds 3 Pro “Yellow” (India) support
• Optimization


• Added Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro support
• Added Xiaomi Buds 3 Pro blue support
• Updated translations


• Fixed Hungarian and Italian translation
• Fixed the process of switching the application language - now there is no need to restart the application when changing the language
• Fixed device name detection for collapsed notification
• Added workaround for some custom ROMs to show single line device info in notification


• Added Hungarian translation
• Added batteries icons to the notification (left, right and charging box) instead of text representation
• UI improvements and optimizations


• Fixed notification issues on some OneUI devices
• Added animation while navigating between screens
• Added indication of selected mode on gestures option screen
• Some minor fixes


• Added Italian translation


• Fixed notification UI issues on clean Android builds - notifications layout now controlled by Google, they add odd frame around all custom notifications and place its contents in smaller box inside it, so space for contents became smaller
• Fixed language switching issues on some devices
• Other minor fixes and optimisations 


• Added Xiaomi Buds 3 earbuds support
• Added Deutch translation
• Added French translation
• Added Spanish translation
• Other minor fixes and optimizations


• Fixed app crash on some devices
• Updated Turkish translation
• Other minor fixes and optimizations


• Fixed updating notification data from background
• Fixed headset connection detection when app is running in background
• Added option to show popup dialog with earbuds battery status as soon as earbuds are connected to the phone
• Added EXPERIMENTAL support for Redmi AirDots 3 earbuds
• Other minor fixes and improvements


• Fixed crash on low memory devices during headset animation loading
• Fixed crash on some devices when clicking on Bluetooth settings button
• Fixed some conflicts between the app and applications that use your headphones as audio device
• Other minor fixes and improvements


• Fixed application crash when connecting earbuds
• Fixed connection issues on MIUI (when fast connect dialog appears)
• Other minor fixes and improvements


• Fixed detecting currently connected headset device
• Fixed ear tips fit test layout for RTL languages
• Fixed application crashes in some situations
• Other fixes


• Added device connect and reset guide to the supported earbuds list on the main screen
• Added option to rename earbuds
• Added Active Noise Cancellation switch to the notification shade widget
• Updated translation
• Minor bugs fixes and improvements

1.1.3 - 1.1.4

• Fixed app UI freeze on some devices
• Fixed Redmi Buds 3 gestures config
• Fixed Turkish translation
• Minor bugs fixes and improvements


• Added in-app locale changer. You can select preferred app locale from the main menu. To apply new locale you need to restart the application
• Added device notch detection to adjust main UI top margin
• Added Slovak translation
• Minor bugs fixes and improvements


• Reworked headphones color detection
• Fixed notification margins
• Added Hebrew translation
• Added Polish translation


• Fixed some UI issues
• Fixed crash on some Samsung and Meizu devices
• Fixed collapsed notification layout (added change status)


• Added support for pure Android, and other roms (supports API 23+)
• Added in-app updater to check for app updates
• Added headset status notification (the small one is not yet informative enough)
• Bug fixes


• Added support for MIUI 11 smartphones
• Fixed FlipBuds Pro in-app animation
• Added support for ear tips firmware update
• Added Turkish translation
• More fixes


• Initial release

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