Current version: 20201102.01

Crossplatform application for Android ROM developers.

  • Edit and translate any Android rom
  • Flexible .smali, .xml, .prop patches
  • Fast resources.arsc patching (without using apktool)
  • Incremental OTA update packages based on two roms
  • Parse ROM translations to get untranslated resources
  • Deodex roms using smali/baksmali
  • Supports Android roms archives in CWM format (up to Android R)

Download links


Crossplatform (Win, Linux, macOS)
Rom deodex
Rom translation (you need translation files)
Sign zip, apk, jar files
Single apk/jar translation
Create OTA package
Parse translations (get untranslated resources)
Hex mode (direct resources.arsc patching)
Flexible patches for smali, prop and xml
GUI and CLI user interface
Translated into many languages
More features coming...

jbart is crossplatform tool intended to help rom developers in translating and patching Android rom files. Current version supports only roms created in CWM (recovery) format, when inside zip archive system, framework, vendor (optional) directories are located. So roms packed with brotli and ext4 (files system.new.dat, system.new.dat.br, etc.) currently not supported.


Help with app localization

App translation

Download xml assets to to help me in translating the application into your language.

Download files, translate English strings
Send translated files back to me




  • New version release is coming soon
  • Updated user interface
  • Reviewed CLI functionality
  • Reworked patching system
  • Full documentation will be available (how to work with every feature, how to create patches, etc.)