Version: v3

• Edit and translate any Android ROM
• Flexible patches
• Using external tools: apktool, smali and baksmali
• Safe and fast resources.arsc patching (direct translation injection)
• Incremental OTA update package creation
• Translation parser
• Android ROMs Deodexer
• Supports Android versions up to 11+ (Android R+)


Jbart is crossplatform tool intended to help rom developers in translating and patching Android rom files. Current version supports only roms created in CWM (recovery) format, when inside zip archive system, framework, vendor (optional) directories are located. So roms packed with brotli and ext4 (files system.new.dat, system.new.dat.br, etc.) currently not supported.

The main features of jbart tool include, but not limited to the following list:



In this section you’ll be able to deodex all apk and jar files in selected rom. It supports system, vendor, framework directories


ROM file

This section provides ability to unpack/pack, decompile, compile, translate, patch and sign Android rom 


Translation parser

Parse your current translation and compare it to the selected language resources (xml) to get the difference - untranslated resources, obsolete translation, etc.


OTA creator

You can create incremental update packages based on two roms by comparing the difference in files in both of them and create a flashable zip


Single file

In this section you can decompile, compile, translate, patch and sign single apk, jar, or even zip files


HEX patcher

Inject translation and resources directly into resources.arsc file, no need to decompile apk files

* Available as PRO feature


v4 (202206xx)

• To be released

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