Q: Why do I see the ads in application?
A: First of all, thanks for using my applications :) Ads banners are shown only on Android version of the app. Writing applications is a hobby for me, which I do in my personal free time. So please treat with understanding to the appearance of a certain number of banners. Displaying ads in application stimulates the further development.

Q: How do I turn off the ads?

A: There is only one way to turn off advertisement banners on Android application - using Turn off ads button in application settings, which redirects you to Google Play. No way to turn ads off using donations to Yandex Money, WebMoney, or any other way. iOS version of the application doesn’t show ads to its users.

Q: What weather providers are supported by the application?
A: The app supports the following weather providers (some of them with limitations):
Accuweather - current, hourly, daily
DarkSky - current, hourly, daily
Foreca - current, hourly, daily. Limitations - no precipitation probability for current conditions (only amount), no UV index.
Rp5.ru - current, hourly, daily. Limitations - no precipitation probability (only amount).
The Weather Channel - current, hourly, daily. Limitations - no precipitation probability for current conditions.
Yr.no (met.no) - current, hourly, daily

Also Air Quality Index providers:

More weather providers support is coming…

Q: How can I contact the author?
A: You can contact me using contact form on this website, or sending an email to zaa.bz.dev@gmail.com, or info@zaa.bz

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