ATV M8 Launcher

Simple launcher application for Android TV boxes.

Features supported (depends on your earbuds model):
• TV (leanback), tablet and phone apps are supported
• Built-in File manager
• Uninstall applications 
• Manage apps autostart (need Root permissions)
• Built-in RAM booster and Junk files remover
• Remote file upload using built-in HTTP server 
• Built-in Network speed test, no need to install third party apps

Supports Android versions starting from KitKat (Android 4.4) to R (Android 12) and above

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ATV M8 Launcher

The main advantage of this simple launcher is that it is capable to run on old TV boxes with Android 4.4, at the same time it’s tested to work good on devices running the latest (by the 2022) Android 12.


To be described… 

• Feature 1
• Feature 2
• ...



• Removed insecure HostnameVerifier implementation
• UI optimisation

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